Testimonials from Assemblage Point sessions

From Pam W.

“Hi Mandi
I would be blessed and honoured to share with you and others the gratitude I feel inside for having this healing.
Firstly Mandi I would like to personally share how I stumbled over you on You Tube and how nervous and frightened I was at picking the phone up to make my appointment. It all hinged on whether you were kind and unhurried with me because of my vulnerable state and the unknowing of what your treatment was offering. You were so warm and patient and that meant so much to me. I made my appointment and I got lost with the anticipation and fear of the unknown also my resistance to let go of miserable depressed thoughts something that had haunted me which seemed like a lifetime.
you. Well I cried went round roundabouts several times wrong junctions got in a complete state of fear hopelessness and beat myself up a bit more then rang.
How caring and understanding you were and you came and met me and escorted me back to your house. I truly felt safe and cared for. My first session was embraced given the atmosphere in which surrounded my need for some peace, and I felt so much calmer.

The benefits to me are:

A sense of Happiness which emerged straight afterwards

Calmer; Gratitude; Connected; Fear subsided;

Focused; acceptance; a sense of purpose and meaning; a sense of contributing to life;
love for the simple joys around me;
improved concentration;
A window to see beyond the destructive pattern of some thoughts;
Compassion heightened
Confidence that I can create
increased Awareness
Heightened Conciousness

I have benefited so much and am still receiving so I would like to share the huge joy it has brought to my life. Yet without you none of this window of peace and could have happened thank you so much.
Love Pamxxxx

From Karen R.
“When I originally came for my Assemblage Point shifting, I was a worrier and inwardly stressed and anxious but would never choose to express my feelings because I didn’t want to upset others. But since having my Assemblage Point re-aligned over a period of a few years, I have noticed a complete shift in the way I view things.
Now, I rarely see problems as problems or anything worth getting worked up about.
Now I am always calm. I feel like the sand on a Beach: a wave or two may come and slip over the sand, which may leave the sand temporarily wet, but completely undisturbed and untouched underneath. I can thus be aware of dramas, and feel compassion for those in the grip of them, but I am left untouched by all events.
The sense of ‘taking things personally, of even having a ‘personal sense’ is virtually non-existent.”

From Clare L.

“I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to Mandi. I do not exaggerate when I say that having Assemblage Point Realignment has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone who feels they have tried everything else and need help finding the strength to get ‘back on track’ with their life.
I first came to see Mandi in July 2010, having told her I had been suffering from Panic Attacks for 3 years. She claimed that she could stop my panic attacks: A very tall order, which you will understand if you read on:
My first panic attack happened in July 2007: I had been making jewellery in the gallery I worked in but suddenly began to suffer severe stomach cramps followed by vomiting and diarrhoea and a feeling I was losing consciousness –as the minutes passed I just knew that my life was hanging in the balance and had my first panic attack in the ambulance on the way to hospital. As soon as I arrived in Accident and Emergency I lost consciousness for several hours as several doctors worked to save my life. The next morning they said I had all the symptoms of having had my drink ‘spiked’ and was lucky to be alive.
It was a very fearful experience, especially as it was out of my control and had to accept that I would never have any proof as to how the toxin got into my system. I felt vulnerable in a way that is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Basically I no longer felt able to trust that other peoples’ motives were honourable and good. I no longer felt safe ‘out there’. I continued to have regular panic attacks.
As a very friendly, confident, outgoing person, who has always felt well-equipped to cope with whatever life has thrown my way, it’s no exaggeration to say I felt ‘gutted’ by this. My work and social life were affected so negatively – had to cancel so many things I had been looking forward to and often had to leave work because I couldn’t cope. I spent hours in bed, unable to face the day. I would become so anxious about the most usual of things, such as popping to the shop for some milk.
Friends and family helped by listening: they too were upset to see the change in me. I tried Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Because I knew I had ingested a toxin, I felt uncomfortable about eating and drinking things such as coffee or alcohol – it took my counsellor months to get me to agree to try conventional medication. Eventually I agreed to try Beta Blockers but although they dealt with the symptoms of anxiety, they could not stop the panic attacks. For 3 years I suffered panic attacks at least once every day.
Since my first Assemblage Point Realignment (July 2010) I have not had a single panic attack. I just know they are a thing of the past because I now know that they occurred because my assemblage point was not anchored in its natural place- this can happen to anyone who experiences trauma – and no amount of ‘relaxation’, ‘positive thinking’ or other therapeutic practice can help unless the assemblage point is realigned. But the great news is, it can easily be sorted out. Having read my experiences of anxiety, I’m sure you can imagine how amazing that is! I feel strong again and so much more able to deal with anything and everything- just as I used to. Life is back to normal. Having been ‘broken’, I realise how wonderful it is to feel ‘together’ again. (Thinking about it, Mandi could have definitely sorted Humpty Dumpty out!). You can trust Mandi to help put you back together again, as she certainly did for me”
Clare L.”

From Shei A.

“I came across the AP from the Castaneda books and honestly thought they were things that were only able to be done through wizened and ancient Yaqui shamans, as in the books, so imagine my surprise and relief when i found healers in the UK who specialize in adjusting the AP!

Before my first AP session, I was suffering with multiple anxious emotions arising from substance misuse linked to depression which then linked to anxiety. Life was a challenge especially with maintaining relationships with other people. Situations as normal as sitting in a waiting room or queuing at a supermarket became a horrible and terrifying experience – one where I would just have to get up and leave.

I had booked myself sessions with a psychologist to get to the root of my issues and was prescribed sessions in CBT to deal with them, which took place over an 11 month period but as helpful as that was, CBT only helped my mind figure out what was happening for the short term, my body was having a harder time adjusting, so soon after the session ended, I started the gradual downward spiral into the dark. It was like this for around 7 years.

My first AP session came about when I was almost certainly going to quit work – things had become too stressful and I felt completely out of balance. Upon arriving, Mandi got me comfortable and after a chat, assessed my problem. When I had my AP scan it was found to be split across my body in opposite ends of the center, I didn’t know what this meant at the time but i intuitively trusted Mandi when she said adjusting it will help. And wow – did it help!

At the time of writing this, I have had five sessions and the difference in how I first felt to how I now feel is massive. I feel AP healing has brought me into sync with myself and as a result made me more aware of other things I should be looking at in my life, so that my AP stays glued to where it needs to be for longer!
If you haven’t had the shift and are thinking about it, then don’t wait around – do it, you’ll be so glad and amazed!”

From Iza A.

“I feel huge benefits from working on my Assemblage point with Mandi. I wish I’d known about it years ago because it really does feel like a fundamental foundation for healing on all levels. It’s like the direct route to ‘heart centred’ being-ness. Having my assemblage point aligned has helped me to live more from the power of my heart and less from the fears of my mind. I feel centred, grounded and in touch with my True Self. I would highly recommend this practice with the wonderful Mandi. She is a joy to work with and has helped me to stand strong in the knowing of who and what I truly am. THANKYOU Mandi x

From Tracey L.
“ A friend of mine told me about the assemblage point when I was at a real low point in my life. I was so low that I was prepared to try anything! After my first session with Mandi I felt slightly sick and very tired, but I did not feel like a miracle has happened at that point. However, since having a couple more sessions I can feel a difference with me. I have got my Mojo back. I feel more compassion towards others; I no longer let people treat me like a doormat. Something within me will just not let me accept unacceptable behaviour towards me any more. I can honestly say that my life feels like it’s worth living again – something I would never have believed at one point. I know there has been a definite shift within me and life feels like living again.”