Assemblage Point Alignment – an amazing and unique life- transforming treatment.


The ASSEMBLAGE POINT  is extremely effective in the healing of stress, anxiety and panic attacks; also grief, resentment, anger, depression, low self-esteem and confidence issues, in fact for the permanent relief of all habitual and long-lasting negative states of mind. Prolonged negative emotions are caused by lack of spiritual, mental and emotional balance. This is completely rectified by having the epicentre of our energy-field re-aligned in the centre, where it should always reside, as shown in the diagram above. The benefits of a properly aligned Assemblage Point are huge and limitless, but to put it simply, it brings PEACE at last and ‘stills troubled waters’ forever. A far greater calm, confidence and assertiveness is felt which increases in depth throughout the lifetime.

What is the Assemblage Point?

The Assemblage Point ( or ‘AP’), is the point in the body where the life-force assembles in embryo, then, as we grow up, it has it’s position in the naval and as we mature, it rises to the centre of the chest, it’s optimum position, where it should reside.
Energy. flows in through this point, in the centre of the chest, and out through the back in a continuous circulating stream which forms an egg-shaped pattern around the body.

How is the Assemblage Point aligned?

Three painless  ‘Shamanic Blows’ are delivered on the back between the shoulder-blades in order to release the Assemblage Point from its incorrect position, whilst a large crystal Wand, such as shown below,  is positioned at the centre of the chest,  which over about half an hour draws the energy of the Assemblage Point into the correct position at the centre of the chest, the optimum place for it to reside.

Who proved the existence of the Assemblage Point?
The discovery and the technique of shifting the Assemblage Point originally came out of the Native American and Shamanist traditions, but there was not enough real proof or knowledge to make practical use of. Jon Whale P.h.d., an electronics engineer producing medical equipment, actually discovered the definite existence of the Assemblage Point after having been fascinated by it’s possibilities for years. He applied his work to rigorous tests and experimentation, eventually working in a clinical environment with a British physicist and a team of British doctors.. The biggest finding was that the ‘Assemblage Point’ can shift, and depending WHERE it shifts to, can create various unwanted conditions in people.

Who can benefit from a correctly positioned Assemblage Point?

Basically, just about everyone on the planet will have a shifted Assemblage Point – this occurs through life traumas, such as : abuse of any kind (to the mind or body;) grief; loss; shock; accidents or operations; depression – the list is endless, also, if the Assemblage Point has moved, a person is operating at only half their quota of energy. This creates emotional unhappiness and a sensation of ‘never having felt quite right’, as many people report. For instance: if the ‘AP’ has moved from it’s home in the centre of the chest and up towards a top right position, stress, anxiety or even panic attacks can be experienced.
If someone has experimented with heavy drugs to a very large degree, even if it was years ago, but has never felt the same since, this would be a case of the ‘AP’ moving to the top right position. etc. Or, someone who experiences a lot of anger, rage, or exhaustion and M.E etc. can be due to a ‘low right’ position. etc.
The good news is that the Assemblage Point, can be re-positioned by a qualified practitioner, and once it’s been adjusted back to centre, it generally stays put, (although a regular 2-3 monthly check in the 1st year is advisable, while it is stabilizing.)

THE BENEFITS are as varied as there are individuals. However, there are some results which just about everybody can expect.
You will simply feel centred and have an increasing sense of WELL-BEING– because you will have been centred, by having your AP re-positioned. To live a Centred life is to live life with considerably more ease. Most people are not centred – so they are always too something. e.g: – too angry – too anxious – too much in their head and thinking too hard – too easily offended – too tired – too afraid what people will think – too shy –too vulnerable – too – fearful or worried – too depressed – etc. etc etc.

After your Assemblage Point has been correctly placed, one can still feel all of the above from time to time, but far more mildly – and the negative feelings do not hang around for nearly as long, and there is far quicker recovery. The Assemblage Point draws the nature back to the centre – and then a much greater peace is felt.

Having treated hundreds of people since my training, I have had the privilege to witness a great number of life-transforming results.
Rage and excessive angry outbursts – fear and anxiety – panic attacks – various addictions –
low self-esteem – to name but a few conditions, have become a thing of the past for a great many sufferers.

For the majority of people who contact me for an Assemblage Point Shift, often tell me beforehand, that they don’t feel ‘ quite right’ – ‘off kilter’ – they ‘don’t fit in’ – or are ‘sad a
lot of the time’ – ‘like something’s missing’, and so on.

After they have the treatment, it’s often remarked: “I felt like I had the carpet pulled from me a long time ago, and now it feels like it’s been ‘put back’ ” – or “it felt like a piece of the
jig-saw was missing and now it feels like it’s been put back’, or “I felt like Humpty-Dumpty
that fell off the wall into a hundred pieces and now I feel like I’ve been put back together
again – all in one piece’ “etc. So it’s very common to feel that something’s been put right.

How and where can I get my Assemblage Point correctly re-positioned?

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have only a practitioner trained by the ‘Assemblage Point Association,’ re-locate your ‘AP’. PLEASE BEWARE OF ANYONE ELSE WHO TELLS YOU THEY CAN PERFORM THIS HIGHLY SKILLED TASK. Someone who isn’t trained, can re-position the ‘AP’ in to the wrong area, causing absolute havoc physically, mentally and emotionally.

Amanda Solk M.A.PA, is a qualified Assemblage Point Adjuster. She has been trained by Dr. Angela Blaen who was the first person to have the existence of their Assemblage Point scientifically proved by a British physicist and a team of doctors, in the year 2000. Dr. Blaen, founder of ‘The Assemblage Point Association’, worked with Jon Whale, trained with him, and also edited his famous book: ‘Catalyst of Power’


£80 for the first session as we will spend at least two hours together, often longer.

£70 for subsequent sessions which are shorter at least 90 mins, but often longer.

If you recomend someone who books an appointment, then the cost of your session will be discounted by £10  (for one time only).

As it takes time to solidly stabilise the Assemblage Point in the centre, in the first year you would book a session 2 week’s after the first one. The next will be in one month’s time, then 2 months later, then 3 months later. After this I recommend a session every 6 months if possible – in order to maintain your Assemblage Point in Olympic condition!