Tree Secrets

HEALING FOR ANYTHING through Soul-Revelation

Mandi Solk

What Is ‘Revelation’ Healing?

Revelation Healing occurs through the revealing of Soul to Self, instead of any attempt to make ‘matter better‘. 

This is true Spiritual Healing exercised through illumination, recognition and awakening to one’s perfect Natural State.  

Therefore we begin with the end result: that there is nothing to heal—despite all appearances to the contrary—there is nothing to heal because there is only One Presence – Omnipotence. There is no God and. 

 An important part of this work are the specific healing treatments that are created for each person, which take the form of ‘Power-Poems’.

(See ‘Potent Power-Poems‘ Page)

These Power-Poems are extremely potent as they are Truth-Treatments which reveal the fact of your already perfect Divine Self,within which there is nothing to treat. There is only Omnipotence. And simply put: Truth reveals the impossibility and powerlessness of anything unlike Itself.