What is a Power-Poem?

A Power-Poem is essentially a complete treatment—a method of Spiritual Revelation wrapped up in a rhyming Poem.

Below are a couple of examples of Power-Poems. They are very potent and work rapidly—often instantly.

The following is a Power-Poem that is extremely effective for ‘un-seeing’ many conditions and situations. (The term ‘evil’ can be interchanged with ‘discord’ or ‘lack’ or whatever appears as the discordant condition or situation.)

Impersonalising Error

“I AM the only Power, Law and Cause
There is no ‘other’ power from any other source.
Evil is visible and needs belief to uphold its’s maintaining
God is invisible, All-Power and Self-sustaining
Evil is nothing, impotent and contrived
And requires interest in thinking to keep it alive
But the second it’s seen through as lacking foundation
It falls back into nothing and then disintegration
God is both Cause and Effect and the only Law in operation
So evil has never been any part of ‘I’ upon examination
It is without Law and has been nothing but illusion
Devoid of substance it has no power of pollution
And now abiding in God’s Omnipresence I AM FREE
The ties that bound were just hypnotism, I see.
I AM perfect as that is my only ‘body’ and Soul
As the offspring of Source, I am perfect, pure and Whole
And so it is. Already done. Already done. Already done.”

Here is another example of a Power-Poem. The words came through to me for a patient who suffered an almost fatal stroke, and which the ‘Power-Poem effect’ resulted in a very fast healing for her, astounding all the doctors and relatives.

Power-Poem for Shamilla

The symptoms showing up in my body were just a thought
And seeing through these illusions, just in time, have been caught
So they’ve stopped right NOW!
Absolute SOURCE, as never before, THAT, I AM – revealed!
My perfect Natural State is pristine, calm and stable
No matter what the doctors say or try to ‘illness-label’.
I am totally WELL in body, mind and BRAIN
I am completely healthy and that’s how I remain
Both sides of me,
“In Him I move and have my Being”
Now walking feels easy and totally freeing!
I have a healthy, free and comfortable head
Which is at ease, awake or in bed
And perfect balance, solid and stable
And happy legs that are agile and able
My vision’s perfect; my focus is clear
All unpleasant feelings, gone from my ears
I AM perfect now and always, reflecting HIS Power
I am Spiritual in substance shown in every moment of this hour
I hand my I AM over to THAT – Truth aligned with Might!
Suddenly! All symptoms gone! Subsumed by the Light!
My very form is living proof that only Divinity is Here
I have my Father’s Powers. I’m indestructible, No fear!
And so it is. Already done. I’m at peace. God’s law is how.
I’m calm, and soothed and tranquil as a cool mountain stream
A Miracle has awakened me from NOTHING but a DREAM.
And so it is! Already done! Already done! Already done!”

When discordant situations and conditions are seen clear-through to their ’empty core’, then their unreality—their underlying true perfection—is revealed, and becomes apparent as a ‘healing’.