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When you look in the mirror, it appears there are two of you. You and the reflection. In fact it is just two aspects of the same ‘you’. But one has the power, the other doesn’t. So when I raise my arm in the mirror, my reflection has to do the same, and it can do nothing without me. Nor can it fight with me and try and get my arm to go down when I’ve raised it. This reflecting business is Law, and since we know that, we have no problem with it.

How can this demonstration be an aid to our Self-recognition?

Simply by surrendering to the fact that you are nothing but a reflection of Omnipotence – your ‘Source-provider’ who is the One ‘in charge’ and indivisible from ‘you’, of whom ‘you’ are but an emanation, an empty reflection.
This is also Law, and anyone on a Spiritual Path knows this already, yet with this Law we are all constantly fighting – continually at odds with, and it’s just as ridiculous as trying to fight with the reflection in the mirror.

Now imagine you are driving your car – or maybe a Bus, and you decide to let God take over; so now imagine yourself sitting in the rear of the bus, relaxing looking out the windows and letting the sun shine on your face. You have surrendered to a change of command. God is now at the wheel and driving the Bus and your consciousness is in the back, totally trusting and completely relaxed. There’s been a complete ‘dropping back’ into your humble role of merely being the empty reflection. (And if you’re uncomfortable with the term ‘God’ – use any synonym you like: Consciousness, Infinite Source, the Universe, Life, Love, Good, etc.)

Graphic images can really help us to get a grasp on a Truth until we’ve embodied it, are living it, and then no longer require the image. Therefore, use this image of dropping back into the rear passenger seat, over and over, many times a day in every activity no matter how large or small that you are involved in.

The benefits are huge. Every time you do this you are living presently – NOW. You will feel increasingly relaxed and less reactive and far more responsive, and with life delivering a real experience of flow rather than constant bumps in the road, breakdowns, stoppings and startings.

Over and beyond all the recommended and very similar guidance I have heard over the years for staying ‘in the moment’ (including even my own advice of stopping thinking many times a day), or guidance from other teachers such as breathing and counting to 10 etc, I find this practice of continually dropping back to the rear of the bus behind the driver, the easiest and fastest way to let go and BE. Remember you are only the reflection “and of thine own self can do nothing”. How relaxing; and how futile to fight it.

Stay back, stay back, stay right back. Practice it in every activity throughout the day: being on the computer, reading a book, writing, washing your hands, peeling vegetables, driving the car, (let God drive the car while you relax in the back) going shopping, having a shower, dealing with your kids – especially dealing with your kids!

What I am I dropping back into?

GOD. What does that name stand for? G.O.O.D = ‘Great. Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Divine’
Also, Grace, Infinity, Love, deep rest, abundance, complete openness, comfort & joy, reassurance and peace. GOD – as you, for you, with you and within you – closer than your own shadow.

This ‘dropping back’ isn’t about being so laid-back that you are not taking action. Not at all. It’s simply a matter of by doing this, you are adding an element of spaciousness that allows you to let go of the need to control and also enables wise and compassionate action and speech (or non-action and non-speaking, if that’s what is required). This won’t happen all at once, but it soon will build up over time, as you practice.

Here’s a great quote from Sean Connery in the film ‘The Untouchables’ when he’s trying to calm, a very nervous Kevin Costner, while they are waiting for some gangsters to arrive in an police-created ambush, set up by them. And Sean says to to Kevin, who is very uptight and nervously pacing up and down: “Don’t wait for it to happen; don’t even want it to happen – just watch what does happen.”
This is the perfect wisdom: drop all waiting and wanting, and in every moment, stay back and just watch what unfolds.

So drop back, drop,back, drop back, let go and let God/ G.O.OD amidst all activity and WATCH God at work.


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